Meet The Team

Marisol Balbarin


Marisol Balbarin is a loving mother of three, an entrepreneur, and a licensed realtor in Illinois. She has 20+ years experience in supply chain management and now focuses her time in real estate. Through real estate she strives to help millennials start their wealth through home ownership and help executives create passive income so they can spend more time with their families. 

Alex Balbarin

Project Manager/Acquisitions

Alex Balbarin is your go to guy! He has been a CAT Scan/ MRI Tech in Chicago for 35+ years and is everyone's handyman. He loves medicine and is using real estate as a way to build passive income. If you have a project bring it to Alex. He knows the just about everything you need to know about a property! 

Grace Balbarin


Grace Balbarin is a licensed EMT in Chicago and a Pre-Med Neuroscience student. Grace is focusing on marketing, wholesaling, and helping others use real estate to fund their passions. Her passion is in medicine and plans on starting a foundation to build homes and provide care to people in third world countries. 

Christian Noel Balbarin


Christian Noel Balbarin is full of spirit and is one of a kind. At a young age, Christian Noel knew that he wanted to leave a legacy and to always live life to its fullest. He is focused on wholesaling and multi-unit properties, and plans to be retired by the age of 30. He advocates financial literacy and plans to teach people how to gain financial freedom so they can spend more time doing what they love. 

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